Dream Girls NFT

About This Project

Season 1 Collection: 100 NFTs (Launched under OpenSea smart contract on the Polygon Network)
[Click Here to check out the season 1 collection]

Season 2 collection: 5555 NFTs (Launches on 15th September 2022)

Can we use AI to build a cohesive science fiction universe? The Dream Girls NFT project aims to seek an answer to that question. Starting from generative art to generative character arcs, stories, and lore, we aim to build a story-driven project in web 3.0 led by the power of AI.

Each season aims to improve upon the previous season and hosts a limited edition and one-of-a-kind NFT art collection which consists of unique AI-generated art portraits, all 1/1 editions. None will ever be minted again.

In the future, AI will become more and more realistic in movies and video games. This will create new opportunities for storytellers to create truly believable characters and worlds.

Additionally, it will allow for more complex gameplay mechanics and AI-controlled opponents that can adapt to the player’s style. AI-generated images are just the beginning of what is possible with the technology and will only become more realistic over time.

It is our belief that AI will one day be able to render high-quality animations and movies with deep and innovative storylines.

It will eventually create more realistic and emotionally believable animations that will rival or exceed the quality of human-made productions. Technology is not there yet, but it is rapidly improving.

The use of AI in movies and animations is still in its extremely early stages, but the potential for what it can do is immense. AI will become more integral to the movie and animation industry, and it will change the way that movies and animations are made.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece from the second generation of the Dream Girls NFT on the blockchain.

If you look hard enough, you might just find a dream girl for you.