Dream Girls NFT

Dream Girls NFT Developer’s Log (1st June, 2022)

Today marks the day of the final stage of the minting process for the first volume of the Dream Girls NFT. It’s been a long road, but we are still here, and we will be here long after. What started out as an experiment has now evolved into something much greater.

What Comes Next?

There has been much silence from the team, as a lot of work is being put into creating some truly astonishing artwork. We expect to release three more 1/1 collections by the end of this year. 

Each collection size could range from 1k-10k. When these collections mint, holders will be airdropped items from each collection. The number of items airdropped to the holders from each collection will be based on the rarities the holder’s dream girl possesses. More details will be revealed about this soon.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come. 

Unnamed Collection

This will be another 1/1 PFP collection from the team. If you are a fan of sci-fi, then you might find this interesting. These were generated using AI. The ai outputs in 256×256, so we’ll upscale it to either 500/1000 px. The avatars may look a bit odd when you look at them closely but will be best served as social media profile pictures. AI always impresses me, every time it generates something completely unique and at the same time being aesthetic. Currently, we are still determining the title and the traits. They will have their own lore and will take place in the Dream Girls universe.

Cosmic Worlds NFT

A different collection compared to the above with a different set of custom AI models trained on old-school science fiction artwork. It will consist of landscapes, cities, interiors, environments, creatures, aliens and portraits. These will be a 1/1 PFP collection as well. However, the artwork is aesthetic and inspired by some of the best science fiction painters. This is something that one could always print out to hang on the wall or beside the fireplace. They could someday very well be the vintage artwork from the first generation of AI painters, when looked back upon a decade from now in the time of Artificial General Intelligence.

Updated Whitelist Info

If you are a holder, you are automatically whitelisted for a bunch of free Airdrops when the new collections launch from the team.

Anyone, who participates in the discord community engagement gets added to the whitelist as well. Holders who are already in the whitelist and are participating in community engagement will get more aidrops.

The mods are always there, even though they may be silent at times. We encourage you to share your thoughts in discord and get to know each other.

Final Words For This Log

Overall, we will be moving forward with launches sometime within the next few months. We hope that you remain with us as we are here for the long run to explore the limits of true AI-generated artwork. Till then, stay well and stay safe. 

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