Dream Girls NFT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

『 What Are the Potential Benefits of Owning a Piece From the Dream Girls NFT? 

The NFT themselves will be acting primarily as tokens that will give you exclusive access into this vast universe that we are building and a myriad of stuff expanding into the world of web 3.0. Each item from the Dream Girls NFT collection acts as a membership token to community.

• Special giveaways for Holders

• Special Server Ranks for Holders

• Access to private membership Discord Channels

• Getting whitelisted for upcoming projects and future drops

• And more! ( More Details To Come In The Roadmap)

『 In Which Blockchain Does The Dream Girls NFT collection exist? 

The Dream Girls NFT Season 1 collection is a set of 100 ERC-1155 tokens which exist on the POLYGON blockchain.


 Where Can I Buy Dream Girls NFT From? 
You can mint the season 2 collection once it is live from the website. 


 Where Does My NFT Go After I Mint A Dream Girls NFT? 

Your Dream Girls NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet, you used to mint the NFT. 


 How About the Rarities? 

Dream Girls NFT Season 1 rarities are revealed in the open sea collection page. Each item from the Dream Girls NFT Season 1has 12 unique traits. The entire collection contains a total of 442 traits. However since each item is 1 of 1, they are extremely rare. Same with season 2 (Genesis).


 How Many NFTS Are in the Collection? 

There are a total of 100 NFTs in the Season 1 collection and 5555 will be up for mint for the Season 2 collection, all being 1/1 editions.


 What Are the Royalties? 



 How Many Dream Girls NFTS Are Reserved? 

For the season 2 collection 555 NFTs will be reserved for OG Holders, Team and Giveaways.

 What Is The Perk Of Getting Whitelisted for free mint?  

You will be able to mint 1 free Dream Girls NFT on mint date before public mint which goes for 0.01 ETH.

 How Do I Get Whitelisted? 

Please check our Discord channel labelled #how-to-whitelist
 What Is the DreamVerse? 

The DreamVerse (DV), is the universe in which our story takes place. It is a universe much parallel to our own. It’s the place where the Dream Girls (DGs) exist.

 What Are You Doing To Reduce Environmental Impact of Blockchain? 
We believe in sustainability and share a vision for a greener planet. Thus our Season 1 collection is on the Polygon blockchain, a climate sustainable blockchain that is over 99.99% more carbon efficient than Ethereum.
 Are Dream Girls NFT a Good Investment? 
Ultimately, this is a decision for you to make. I believe DGNs have a long life ahead of them, and will be an ever-growing and evolving project. However, as with most things, the success of DGN relies on so many factors and variables…and no one knows the future. As with anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have.